Get Post list from Category in WordPress

Many times you have to call or show post from selected Category in wordpress, you can get post list from particular category in very easy way. Just write below code into page or widget and customize according to your requirement

Above code will call post list if you want that particular category post won’t […]

Animated Image Jump on Hover Effect with Jquery

Many times you see in blog site whenever you hover any image by mouse, that image jump on mouse hover. In this post i will tell you how you will do it easily in your site. Suppose you have some social images like below code and you want to do effect on it

Now […]

Rounded Corner (border radius) to Image Issue

Many times when we develop a theme, and need to round corner to image (circular) but many browser not support it and image not perfectly rounded or not support specially in safari browser. so today i will tell you how to fix the issue of rounded image effect easily and support in all browsers. Because […]

How to Add Extra Menu in your WordPress Theme

Use Multiple Menus in your WordPress theme WordPress given you ability to add extra menu in your custom wordpress menu, many times you have to add an extra menu in your theme footer or above the header so, extra menu will help to create or add menu in wordpress theme. Adding a Menu to the […]

Adding Multiple Custom Excerpt Lengths by characters In WordPress

HI Guys, Very long time i never post any Article. today i will tell you how to add multiple custom excerpt length in post type of wordpress. By default WordPress excerpts are set to 55 words, But what if you wanted a different excerpt length on your portfolio, blog archives or custom post type than? […]