How to Relief your Eye Strain – Important Tips

  Staring at the computer all the time is unpleasant on your eyes. All those brilliantly colored pixels encountering the lights around you is a dish for eye exhaustion as well as stress. Abiding by the 20-20-20 rule – looking away from your display every 20 minutes for 20 seconds as well as focusing on […]

How to Add Symbols or Icon in WordPress Menu

Do you like to add symbols in your WordPress menu? Lately, one of our users asked for a very easy method to add graphics as symbols in navigation. In this short article, I will certainly reveal you ways to add graphic icons in your WordPress Menu without editing any code. WordPress have many plugins which […]

Ways to Raise the Max File Upload Dimension in WordPress

Depending on the web hosting company you decide on and also the package deal you choose, each of you will certainly view maximum file upload restriction on your Media Uploader web page in WordPress For some it is as low as 2MB which is clearly inadequate for media documents like (audio/ video clip). A lot […]

Secure your WordPress Default Upload Directory

This article describes how you can safeguard your WordPress Default Upload directory to shield your data specifically Themes and plugins. WordPress is the best CMS offered for blogging, though it has number of vulnerabilities as nothing is 100 % safe. By default, WordPress Upload folder has data permission 755 without any blank index file as […]

CSS Webkit Appearance Input Type

The appearance property is used to display an element using a platform-native styling based on the users’ operating system’s theme. I did my fair share of screening this website on an iPad throughout development. In many cases, the version of Mobile Safari found on the iPad leaves pages like other standards-based internet browser. Simply when […]

Add Feature Image Support Function in your WordPress Theme

Featured Images or Post Thumbnails is a theme feature. The majority of themes such as Genesis and also others support featured pictures by default. An easy means to find out whether your style assists showcased graphics is by going to the blog post editor. Just develop a brand-new article and scroll down a little to […]

How to Prevent WordPress Default Media Image Sizes

WordPress generates three dimensions of each graphic that you upload in website. Even plugins can generate extra picture sizes which could conveniently press the number in between 5 to 10. If you have a bunch of graphic based content on your site, then eventually this might increase your storage space or data backup file size. […]

Create a Custom Archive Page Template in WordPress easily

Today i will tell you how to ‘Create a Custom Archive Page Template in WordPress easily’ If you excite your very first time visitor then the opportunities are extremely high that they might seek your old posts, Unfortunately the majority of the bloggers don’t make this procedure basic sufficient for them, that’s why some professional […]