Autoplay, Mute and Hide Elements in Youtube Iframe

Hi many time we need to auto play youtube video iframe in our website, as well hide all other items like play, pause etc and mute the youtube video also.

so today i will tell you the how to Autoplay, Mute and Hide Elements in Youtube Iframe using simple script code. you can easily do it in your html or wordress site.

First of all you have to add below code in header.php file in wordpress or add intab.

After that now you have to edit your iframe link like below code.

thats it now you can see the output what you get with it. you can see that after youtube embed link some code added which can help to autoplay video or muted as well, code below you can easily understand easily which code added in iframe-

you have to put just above code in your iframe told you already. for mute iframe video just added muted=”muted” after frameborder and your video will be silent.

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