Best Way to add Style and JavaScripts into WordPress

WordPress has an enqueue system to add outside scripts and also designs which helps prevent plugin problems. Given that many customers run more than one plugin on their website.In this short article, I will certainly show you how to effectively use JavaScripts and styles in WordPress. This will be particularly useful for those who are just beginning to learn WordPress style and plugin development.

there are two way to include css and js file in wordpress, first in header.php and second one is in function.php file.

Include in Header File

this is the first way to add css and js file in header.php in your theme. add below code in your header.php just change the file path

Why Enqueue Scripts in WordPress?

WordPress has a strong developer community. Thousands of people around the globe layout themes and compose plugins for WordPress. To make certain that every little thing works properly and no one is stepping on one more’s toe, WordPress has an enqueue script function. This function provides an organized method of loading JavaScripts and style file. By using wp_enqueue_script function, you tell WordPress when to load a script, where to load it, and also what are it’s dependencies.

This allows everyone to use the integrated JavaScript libraries that comes packed with WordPress as opposed to loading the same third-party script multiple times. It also helps in reducing web page load time as well as stay clear of disputes with other themes and plugins.

Include file in function.php

this is the best way to include the css and js file code below

You can learn more about enqueue script in WordPress through wp_enqueue_script

“Best Way to add Style and JavaScripts into WordPress”