CSS: The Bad Components

Every shows language has its great parts and its hideous components. CSS (I know, it’s not a programs language, however whatevs) is no various. In this post, I don’t do anything however vent. I’ve been coding sites for practically 12 years, and I’ve been doing CSS layouts for nearly fifty percent that (yeah, I was […]

CSS Color Names

We all know that CSS colors can be declared using hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA. But colors in those forms are not very memorable (unless they’re greys or something). While I’m sure we all know that common colors like red, green, blue, etc. can be declared by name, CSS has quite a few not-so-conventional […]

CSS Code to make the footer stay at the bottom of a page

CSS code for Footer at the bottom of a page. Main body page is stretched to a 100% of the page. The footer is then given the below CSS rules

  CSS code for Fixed Footer at the bottom. There is another approach which will work on all browsers, though it will appear at […]

5 Reasons Every Professional Ought to Have A Personal Web site

As an expert, constructing an effective occupation has never ever been harder. Not only are there fewer tasks offered for a much more knowledgeable labor force, but competition for any sort of given job is through the roof covering. A current research performed by CareerBuilder.com located that, in addition to the 8 % joblessness price, […]

Reassessing Hyperlinks: The Seek a Better HREF

Hyperlinks have constantly been, well, web links. A blue bit of content on a web page that takes you someplace else. Just what’s perhaps most unexpected concerning links is exactly how little they have actually altered since their creation in 1965. This is likely considering that they have not had to. They are merely a […]

Easy Fixes to Reduce Page Weight

Encourage browser caching If the browser can easily cache a file, it won’t necessarily need to download it again. Simple solutions include setting an appropriate Expires header, Last-Modified date or adopting ETags in the HTTP header. You may be able to configure your server to handle this automatically, e.g. here is an Apache .htaccess setting […]

10 of the Best Web Page Weight Analysis Tools

Unless you continually monitor page weight, you won’t know exactly how your diet is progressing. The ordinary web page now goes over 1.7 Megabytes and boosted by 32 % in 2013 alone. If your developers are privately gorging themselves on fattening widgets, any one of the following evaluation devices will highlight their gluttony. They’re all […]

Leading Website Style Trends to Apply in 2014

The web as we know it is over 2 Decade aged. Just like anything that increases, the world wide web has altered greatly over the last twenty years. Like the internet, website design techniques frequently advance to improve the customer experience. While not all the approaching trends could be appropriate for your website redesign or […]