Create Multiple Slideshow with Different Size using Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides

WordPress is a very popular cms in these days and for add slider in your site one name came that is Meteor Slides because of it is free of use and very easy to setup in your website.

Many times when we add slides in site you always want that if i can setup multiple slideshow using meteor slides with different sizes, right?

Yes Today i tell you how to setup multiple slideshow in easy way using meteor slideshow.

1. Start with large size slideshow

Install meteor slideshow and go to meteor settings, there you can setup slideshow width and height, set it maximum which size you need, for example if you want to set slideshow on your homepage full width than set it to width-9999 and height- 450 or as you want.

Then create a slideshow any named like “xyz”, and add your slides picture under this category. thats it this is your home page slider you can use it via shortcode or php code below.

Remember, the value of the slideshow parameter should be the slideshow’s slug.

2. Setup Small Slideshow

Now you setup small slideshow using meteor,then create another slideshow with different name like “ABC”, and add picture under this slideshow. suppose you want this slideshow width 300*150, but remember that don’t change width and height of slideshow from main settings.

thats it just add a shortcode below where your want to add this small slideshow.

3. Styling specific slideshows with CSS

Now if you want to give style to a particular slideshow just write your css coding like below and using this you can edit or design your slideshow easily.

i hope you will find solution with this post regarding meteor slides and about multiple slideshow create.

“Create Multiple Slideshow with Different Size using Meteor Slides”