Create multisite network in wordpress

A multisite is a group of all subdomain or subfolder site which run in single wordpress or single domain.they can share also same plugin, theme and all the data. admin can add many sites or create multi sites.

Today i will Provide you step by step create multi network in your wordpress.

Step 1 : Prepare

Before you start install multisite i suggest that please backup your wordpress, themes with data and finally database. because if not successful you can restore your old site settings.
Please note that before we install multi site you have to deactive your all plugins. after all step complete we will active.

one more thing login to your cpanel and make a wild card subdomain for example – *
“*” denote wild card, without this you can’t make multi site subdomain

Step 2 : Allow multisite

For enable your network setup you have to put some code in your wp-config.php file using ftp. code below-

add this code above /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ this line.

Step 3 : Install Network

After save above code in config file go to your dashboard in tools > network setup
here you can setup your multi network and it provide you two type of code just follow the instruction and paste these code on wp-config.php and .htaccess files.

Step 4 : Network Admin

Thats it after save all the code your wordpress site ready and you can now login again and you find out on upperside my site option and get the option network admin.

Go to network admin and setup your subdomain sites by manualy or using NS Cloner plugin.

“Create multisite network in wordpress”