Top 5 Best Free Frameworks for Website Development

Composing plain HTML is a thing of an exceptionally inaccessible past, and the language itself (CSS) has propelled such a great amount in the late years that it’s difficult to envision what the web would look like without it. In the past days, quite a bit of networks styling could be accomplished through HTML use, […]

How to make video responsive in your website

Every Designer/Developer have question that ‘How to make video responsive in your website?’ If you remain in the process of constructing a responsive web site or looking to add video clip to an already receptive web site, below is a quick overview on the best ways to make certain your video clips resize as effortlessly […]

How to Add Symbols or Icon in WordPress Menu

Do you like to add symbols in your WordPress menu? Lately, one of our users asked for a very easy method to add graphics as symbols in navigation. In this short article, I will certainly reveal you ways to add graphic icons in your WordPress Menu without editing any code. WordPress have many plugins which […]

CSS Webkit Appearance Input Type

The appearance property is used to display an element using a platform-native styling based on the users’ operating system’s theme. I did my fair share of screening this website on an iPad throughout development. In many cases, the version of Mobile Safari found on the iPad leaves pages like other standards-based internet browser. Simply when […]

Popup Anything Your Content or Contact Form using JavaScript Code

Hello guys today i will tell your how to “Popup Anything Your Content or Contact Form using JavaScript Code” easily. Many Plugins for popup for wordpress one of the best is ‘Anything Popup’ plugin which is a simple plugin to display the entered content in to unblockable popup window. popup will open by clicking the […]

RGBa Browser Support CSS background Opacity

RGBa is a way to declare a color in CSS that includes alpha transparency support. This allows us to fill areas with transparent color; the first thee numbers representing the color in RGB values and the fourth representing a transparency value between 0 and 1.

Browser Support for RGBa Mainly older browser did not […]

Remove White Space in Justified Content

Many times we have to do text Justified that means some white space came between words which look very odd, today i will tell you that how to Remove White Space in Justified Content. When you are using text-align: justify, you are asking browsers to add spacing, and browsers implement this as added spacing between […]