CSS Color Names

We all know that CSS colors can be declared using hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA. But colors in those forms are not very memorable (unless they’re greys or something). While I’m sure we all know that common colors like red, green, blue, etc. can be declared by name, CSS has quite a few not-so-conventional […]

CSS Code to make the footer stay at the bottom of a page

CSS code for Footer at the bottom of a page. Main body page is stretched to a 100% of the page. The footer is then given the below CSS rules

  CSS code for Fixed Footer at the bottom. There is another approach which will work on all browsers, though it will appear at […]

Reassessing Hyperlinks: The Seek a Better HREF

Hyperlinks have constantly been, well, web links. A blue bit of content on a web page that takes you someplace else. Just what’s perhaps most unexpected concerning links is exactly how little they have actually altered since their creation in 1965. This is likely considering that they have not had to. They are merely a […]

Easy Fixes to Reduce Page Weight

Encourage browser caching If the browser can easily cache a file, it won’t necessarily need to download it again. Simple solutions include setting an appropriate Expires header, Last-Modified date or adopting ETags in the HTTP header. You may be able to configure your server to handle this automatically, e.g. here is an Apache .htaccess setting […]

Leading Website Style Trends to Apply in 2014

The web as we know it is over 2 Decade aged. Just like anything that increases, the world wide web has altered greatly over the last twenty years. Like the internet, website design techniques frequently advance to improve the customer experience. While not all the approaching trends could be appropriate for your website redesign or […]

CSS Text Shadow Types

A lot of the beauty of CSS level 3 (CSS3) originates from the capacity of its different attributes to cut down on background photos and Photoshop muscular tissue flexing, permitting us to programmatically make many of our graphic demands instead. This brings with it several advantages– time saved, less HTTP requests and documents weights, and […]

Top 5 Best New Fonts for 2013

So, 2013 has actually reoccured, along the way ushering in as several new styles, as it has actually seen out. Although the principle of simpleness in layout is never ever truly out of fashion, it has actually arguably assumed an even more main duty in web design, as a primary method to make web sites […]

Create a Calendar Icon in HTML5 and CSS3

A few years ago we would certainly have needed a PNG or GIF photo. You could still do that, yet they’re hard to change, could not be recorded by search engines and are not scalable. A much better choice would certainly be a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG); it would certainly permit additional versatility but we […]