Fixing Apache Won’t Start in XAMPP Control Panel

If you had a problem with your XAMPP, especially for Apache, you must read this tips to solved the problem. Sometime Apache won’t work or running very well when we need to do our special work or even in busy time.

If you try to running Apache from XAMPP Control Panel, and didn’t work, even you try to hundred click Start button, this tips for you.


That error happen because Apache is using Port 80, and the bad news Skype also using the same port number. How can that be?

skype_try_closeTo fix that, if you not use Skype, you can close Skype, but not that easy with click the Close button. You can close Skype from Tray Window, right click on the Skype icon and close.

Now open XAMPP Control Panel, and try to running again Apache by click Start button.

If still didn’t work, open your Task Manager, try to search Apache HTTP Server in tab Process, click and hit End Process.

And once again click Start button in XAMPP Control Panel to start Apache.

If still didn’t work again, in Task Manager, Process tab, try to search Skype, because sometime Skype won’t exit very well.

You Might Want To Work Together Between XAMPP and Skype

That options will help you to work together with Skype, and you can make a call with your team. You must to do change the Apache Port, it’s easy.

First, look this file on your XAMPP folder,

Mine folder address is C:\xampp\apache\conf

You will find http.conf


Open that file using Notepad++, Dreamweaver, WordPad, etc. And look on this code,
Try to change Listen 80 to any number for example 812.

You can change to any number you like, but make sure for safety, change only 3 digit number. Maybe 876, 782, etc.

Now, open your XAMPP Control Panel, if you already turn on Apache, don’t worry just click Stop button, and click Start again. If work, your XAMPP Apache will look like mine

“Fixing Apache Won’t Start in XAMPP Control Panel”