Get Author information in search results

Google display author information in search results whenever you search related blog post in google. this is particular increase user experience and also increase your site SEO rating. every one know how important seo for any website.

Please follow below steps-

  • first of all check in your site that all post and content show “post by Aaditya sharma” like same user name also you have same profile name in google+ profile.
  • Use same email id for your site and your google+ profile.
  • Add your face picture as a profile picture in both.
  • Now go to your google+ profile and under about page you can find “Contributon link” and add there your website url.
  • Final step add the link

on your post and pages for show author information whenever google search your content and show.

thats it now you can check your particular post or page link preview on structure data testing tool

Some other tools for test and check site health- Webmaster Tool

“Get Author information in search results”