How reduced server response time and increased PageSpeed score

Did you feel that your website speed very slow?
yes many time you can see that your webpage very slow in speed and you know that no one like this and it effect your seo ranking and user never like to come again on this page so every website should have page speed.

In this article i told you some tips to increase your website speed and give to user a best experience.
just follow these steps and get speed of loading your website

Optimizing Images without losing image quality

Images is a best part of any website because images have many words to say and express in easy way so every time you feel that your images size big and it decrease your website page speed i will tell you that how you can reduce your website images size in easy way

Tools for compressing JPEG images:
1. JPEG – Reducer
2. JPEG – Optimizer

Tools for compressing png files

1. Yahoo smushit
2. Compress Png
3. Puny Png

use of these tools you can reduce your image size and speed up your page loading

Page Speed with Leverage browser caching

To make it possible for internet browser caching you need to modify your HTTP headers to set expiry days on particular kinds of files.

Find your. htaccess file in the origin of your domain name, this data is a covert documents but must show up in FTP clients like FileZilla or CORE. You can edit the htaccess documents with note pad or any sort of form of basic text editor.

In this file we will set our caching parameters to tell the browser what types of files to cache.


Compress site with Gzip Compression

just copy these code into your .htaccess file

After insert these code on your file you can check it on GIDZip Test

Top WordPress plugins to optimize caching

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache

these two plugins very helpful to improve your page and site speed

Do these setting in w3 total cache plugins:

  • Enable Page Cache, use “Disk : Enhanced”. If it’s showing up in your options then you can also select Opcode : Alternative PHP cache as it’s the best.
  • Enable Minify, set it to “manual”. Use “Disk”. If it’s showing up then you can also select Opcode : Alternative PHP cache as it’s the best.
  • Enable Database Caching. Use : “Disk”. If your wp-config is not writable due to some security plugin then set it to writable for optimal working of Database Cache.
  • Enable Object Caching. Use : “Disk”. It’s great for sites with heavy traffic.
  • Enable Browser Cache. It helps in leveraging browser caching.
  • Enable Verify rewrite rules, and if you have a Google Page speed API, then it’s your choice to enable Dashboard Widget.

Check your website score

I hope you have completed these simple tasks. In previous sections, I’ve asked you to calculate your PageSpeed score, right? Now go to Google PageSpeed Test tool and calculate your website score. you can also check your site score on Gtmetrix

“How reduced server response time and increased PageSpeed score”