How to Add Extra Menu in your WordPress Theme

Use Multiple Menus in your WordPress theme

WordPress given you ability to add extra menu in your custom wordpress menu, many times you have to add an extra menu in your theme footer or above the header so, extra menu will help to create or add menu in wordpress theme.

Adding a Menu to the Footer

When I create a custom WordPress theme for my clients I like to create a footer menu as well. This is useful for adding links to contact, sitemap and back to top. Here are the steps to edit your own theme.

Suppose your theme name is ‘twentyten’ now how to add menu in theme lets check the code, put this code in your function.php file

Now menu are registered and you can set your menu through dashboard, now where you want to display your menu in footer? so just put this code in your footer.php file.

Thats it now your menu setup but wait your menu design not completed yet so below css code put in your theme style.css file in your wp theme.

I hope this code will help you to add custom menu in you wp theme, thanks

“How to Add Extra Menu in your WordPress Theme”