How to add HTTPS or SSL certificate in WordPress


How to add HTTPS or SSL certificate in WordPress?

Clients that have an e-commerce WordPress website will require an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification. An SSL certification confirms your site’s identity and secures all details sent out to and from your internet site. When you have an SSL set up, your consumers’ data will be totally protected for all monetary purchases, usernames as well as passwords, as well as credit card information. Web sites running SSL can be realized in the following means.


HTTPS or Secure HTTP is an encryption approach that protects the link in between individuals’ internet browser as well as your web server. This makes it harder for cyberpunks to be all ears on the link.

Each website is issued an unique SSL certification for identification functions. If a server is acting to be on HTTPS, as well as it’s certificate does not match, after that most modern internet browsers will advise the individual from connecting to the website.

Recently, Google additionally revealed that they will be utilizing HTTPS as well as SSL as a ranking signal in their search results. This indicates that using HTTPS as well as SSL will certainly help boost your website’s SEO.

Setup SSL and HTTPS in WordPress

After purchasing the ssl certificate from your hosting provider you need to do some setting and put some code in your files.

first of all, you need to go to Settings » General and site URL address fields and here change your site url address HTTP to HTTPS. NOW no more need setting from your WordPress dashboard.

After that you need to add some code in your .htaccess file. just copy paste below code in your .htaccess file and replace your site url in code.

If you want to add SSL and HTTPS on your WordPress multi-site, then you need to configure SSL in wp-config.php file. simply add below code into your wp-config.php file.

Thats it Now you can check your website URL and can see that there is HTTPS will show and also the lock sign.