How to Prevent WordPress Default Media Image Sizes

WordPress generates three dimensions of each graphic that you upload in website. Even plugins can generate extra picture sizes which could conveniently press the number in between 5 to 10. If you have a bunch of graphic based content on your site, then eventually this might increase your storage space or data backup file size. In this post, I will reveal you the best ways to avoid WordPress from generating photo sizes.

You could in fact tell WordPress which picture dimensions it need to or should not generated, and after that pick which ones are readily available in the media uploader/image insert screen.

First thing you must bear in mind is that the default Image Sizes are not unsafe for your site. WordPress hosting providers disk space sufficient to save countless images.
The additional image dimensions are created and also stored throughout the upload process, so they do not affect web site site visitors.

You can check for your website that how many media picture size will generate after uploading picture threw media upload option, using your FTP go into upload folder/wp-content>>uploads and check there.


In above picture you can see that there are mainly 3 type of image size will automatically generate it will take more space in your web disk space.

If you have hundreds of photos, then the duplicates of these graphics might make your backup sizes extremely big. It would also end up being time consuming for your backup plugin to prepare and save backups to the cloud. Finally, if you do not view yourself making use of some of the offered picture sizes, then disabling them will certainly save you space simply use of below code. Just paste this code in your theme function file and after that you will see that only full size of image will create all are disable.

You can even stop WordPress to generate default image sizes by dashboard, Settings » Media. There you will find default image sizes predefined. You need to set these sizes to 0 which will prevent WordPress from generating default image sizes when you upload a new image.


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Hope above code will work for you. Let me know please post comment below.

‘How to Prevent WordPress Default Media Image Sizes’