How you can Compress site with Gzip Compression

compressing your website pages on the web server is a fantastic method to enhance your website speed total. One site I handle was six times smaller after I enabled gzip compression.

Many contemporary internet browsers support compression of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. So if you set up your internet server to deliver compressed data most of your readers will certainly obtain pressed data, considerably enhancing their delivery speed.

1. First, ensure that your website isn’t really currently being pressed by your hosting company. Some holding service providers immediately presses HTML records for their clients. To verify, use a device like GIDZipTest to examine your site. If it returns with “Yes” then you’re done.

Possibilities are that your web pages are not pressed. And in order to compress them you should have the following:.

2. Know just what server you are running (IIS or Apache or something else).
3. Accessibility to your internet server configuration.

For Apache

Edit your .htaccess file and add the following lines:

After you’ve saved the .htaccess file, test your site again in GIDZipTest. It should come up as compressed.

“How you can Compress site with Gzip Compression”