Redirect User after Submit Contact Form 7 and Popup the message

Every one know that when we have to setup contact forum in our site there is only one name come that is ‘contact forum 7’ which is really easy to setup and have a great features.

I just love cf7 because of its features, but many time we have to redirect user to particular page after submit the message, it is very easy, you can do this just using put one easy code into “Additional Setting” which you can found in your dashboard where you create the field, below that there is additional setting.

above code will help you to redirect the user on particular page, but wait if you want to show the successful message sent message on popup that what?

Don’t worry about it just put below code in same place “Additional Setting” and show message to your user in popup window.

but in case the popup box appear for short time because the cf7 instant redirect user to particular page and user didn’t see the sent message confirmation.don’t worry you can do this with using simple code.

Steps to popup window show in particular page

For this we have to pass the var with redirect code which we have already paste in additional setting of cf7. See below code where we will pass the var

after this step now we have to add some code in which you want to show your popup message for example you want to show your message on your homepage than put this code in you home template file.

Thats it now your message will popup after submit cf7 and after redirect. hope it will work for you 🙂

“Redirect User after Submit Contact Form 7 and Popup the message”