Remove White Space in Justified Content

Many times we have to do text Justified that means some white space came between words which look very odd, today i will tell you that how to Remove White Space in Justified Content.

When you are using text-align: justify, you are asking browsers to add spacing, and browsers implement this as added spacing between words. According to CSS Text Module Level 3 LC, you could additionally use text-justify: distribute to ask browsers to use added spacing both between words and between characters in words, to achieve a more balanced result, but it is debatable whether the results are really better, and this feature has been implemented only in IE (long ago).

the basic funda is that use break css line for ignore white space example below –

it will solve the white space problem but word break in two parts so it not readable properly.

What you can do to improve the situation is to use hyphenation. This generally reduces the need for added spacing, though of course it cannot remove it. The most effective way is to use Hyphenator.js, which means that you need to declare the language of your page, example <html lang=en> , to set the hyphenate class on any elements where text should be hyphenated, example with <body class=hyphenate> to hyphenate everything, and just add the code below –

i hope it will work for you for my side it work fine