Show Price For Variable Product With Same Variations in Woocommerce

Recently one of our user asked for Show Price For Variable Product With Same Variations in Woocommerce. because by default woocommerce show price of variable product if price different in each variation otherwise price not show in product. so today i will tell you about how to fix this issue just use of code.



Lately, I was asked to add a few variations to an item in WooCommerce eCommerce system. I added 2 attributes with different alternatives to develop the variants. The item should show the same cost, despite which variation is chosen by customers. That sounds straightforward right? Yes, but by default, WooCommerce item web page does not show the rate if a changeable item has numerous variants with the very same costs. This is because the minimum as well as optimum rates coincide. Fortunately, you could require it to present the cost by include the following bit to your functions.php file.



thats it after paste above code in your theme function file, variable product with same price will be visible in your product. you can also view post of Display mini-max price for WooCommerce variable products