Show Related Posts in WordPress Without Plugin

Related Posts have main role of showing related post and its increase your seo and user interface as well. you can easily show related post using any plugins but you know more plugin slow your website and also sometime it will conflict with another plugins or scripts. Today I will tell you that How to Show Related Posts in WordPress Without Plugin

Associated blog posts can be conveniently shown with plugins, yet did you ever before question just how you could display relevant articles with a Thumbnail without utilizing a Plugin? In this short article, we will share 2 various algorithm which you could utilize to produce related posts with thumbnails and also stay clear of utilizing any plugin.


WordPress has this incredible taxonomy known as “Blog post Tags” which you can utilize. You could label each of your blog posts with numerous keyword phrases. This algorithm would locate other posts with any type of one of the tag that the current article has and will certainly show them.

The above code is checking out the present post ID and all tags which are linked with it as well as it utilizes the wp_query feature to look for all various other blog posts that matches any type of initial tag and display them. You can design the blog post anyway you desire them.

Show Related Post Using Category

This algorithm would locate other articles within the very same group as the present post, and it will certainly list them as associated articles. The advantage of this strategy is that you will certainly never ever have a blank area for your related posts part.

This method makes use of the same features as the one above other than we are simply using the various standards. In my site I also using this method to show related post using by category. Just copy paste this code where you want to show and past in your single.php file.