Get Post list from Category in WordPress

Many times you have to call or show post from selected Category in wordpress, you can get post list from particular category in very easy way. Just write below code into page or widget and customize according to your requirement

Above code will call post list if you want that particular category post won’t […]

How to Add Extra Menu in your WordPress Theme

Use Multiple Menus in your WordPress theme WordPress given you ability to add extra menu in your custom wordpress menu, many times you have to add an extra menu in your theme footer or above the header so, extra menu will help to create or add menu in wordpress theme. Adding a Menu to the […]

Adding Multiple Custom Excerpt Lengths by characters In WordPress

HI Guys, Very long time i never post any Article. today i will tell you how to add multiple custom excerpt length in post type of wordpress. By default WordPress excerpts are set to 55 words, But what if you wanted a different excerpt length on your portfolio, blog archives or custom post type than? […]

Add Scrolling Back To Top Button To Your WordPress Site

hy today i tell you how to add scrolling back to top button into footer without plugin. Back to top button is very essential for every site specially for the blog site because of very long or height of the site. Step One In first step just copy paste below script code into your theme […]

Autoplay, Mute and Hide Elements in Youtube Iframe

Hi many time we need to auto play youtube video iframe in our website, as well hide all other items like play, pause etc and mute the youtube video also. so today i will tell you the how to Autoplay, Mute and Hide Elements in Youtube Iframe using simple script code. you can easily do […]

Get Post Attach Image Count in Dashboard

Hy today i will tell you how to add section to show the post images count block in post section dashboard in wordpress. many user want to show in dashboard post section, show post images count per post how many images in post. that feature tell or show you that in particular post how many […]

After Registration Redirect User To Specific Page

WordPress allowed to register new user and also you can define user role. Many wp blog site allow user to get registration on their site. But many time we want, when user go for registration on the site then after complete registration they will go to a specific page for example – thank you page. […]