Google Authorship – Show your picture in Google search result

Google show author information and picture in search result to help users discover great content. if you want to show your authorship in google search when someone search your post or content in search result, then you have to google plus account. lets i tell you step by step how you get your picture as a authorship in google search.

Create Sidebar Widgets in WordPress

Sidebar Widgets Widgets are very important part of any wordpress theme, mostly theme came with sidebar widgets which have a great part to making a website. Today i tell you how to setup different widget in different pages in wordpress theme. First step is make a different template type page in theme like if you […]

Create multisite network in wordpress

A multisite is a group of all subdomain or subfolder site which run in single wordpress or single domain.they can share also same plugin, theme and all the data. admin can add many sites or create multi sites.

Fixing Apache Won’t Start in XAMPP Control Panel

If you had a problem with your XAMPP, especially for Apache, you must read this tips to solved the problem. Sometime Apache won’t work or running very well when we need to do our special work or even in busy time. If you try to running Apache from XAMPP Control Panel, and didn’t work, even […]

Reassessing Hyperlinks: The Seek a Better HREF

Hyperlinks have constantly been, well, web links. A blue bit of content on a web page that takes you someplace else. Just what’s perhaps most unexpected concerning links is exactly how little they have actually altered since their creation in 1965. This is likely considering that they have not had to. They are merely a […]

Easy Fixes to Reduce Page Weight

Encourage browser caching If the browser can easily cache a file, it won’t necessarily need to download it again. Simple solutions include setting an appropriate Expires header, Last-Modified date or adopting ETags in the HTTP header. You may be able to configure your server to handle this automatically, e.g. here is an Apache .htaccess setting […]